In The News

In the News

A roundup of recent items in the news and journals related to bariatric treatments and management of patients with obesity

CDC “Vital Signs” report discusses link between obesity and many cancers  11/2/2017

Endoscopic Therapies for Obesity and Metabolic Disease    9/18/2017 

Endoscopic Procedure Outperforms Surgery for Weight Loss  9/13/17

FDA investigating deaths of patients who had gastric balloon procedure for obesity  8/10/17

Predicting Postoperative Complications After Bariatric Surgery: The Bariatric Surgery Index for Complications, BASIC  3/31/17

Recent Clinical Results of Endoscopic Bariatric Therapies as an Obesity Intervention  1/30/17

Infants born soon after bariatric surgery face increased risks  1/5/17

Bariatric surgery in teens: Do the benefits last?     11/03/16

FDA approves Obalon swallowable intragastric balloon for treatment of obesity   9/14/16

Drs. McQuaid, Thompson and Overholt offer valuable insights in this article about bringing bariatric endoscopy into your practice. (ABE and ASGE are mentioned)  8/11/16

Being mindful about weight loss surgery  8/8/16

Test of balloon capsules for weight loss called a success  8/3/16

Higher fracture risk in patients undergoing bariatric surgery  7/29/16

New gastric balloon a non-invasive weight loss procedure  8/5/16

FDA approves AspireAssist     6/14/16

Systematic review of pharmacologic treatments for obesity (JAMA)   6/14/16

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